Hello and Welcome


The trials and tribulations of wearing vintage. Inspiring anyone with low confidence to gain confidence by experimenting with what they wear. Safe in the knowledge that everyone makes a tit of themselves sometimes its all about getting up, laughing it off and doing it all again…

Let me welcome you to this humble page and company. If you’re looking for a glamorous, fluffy, mismatched teacup idea of vintage life you will be sorely disappointed here. Let me apologise now and maybe send you on your way with a cheery wave and a ‘come back soon…’

Now don’t get me wrong I adore the glamorous, fluffy, mismatched teacup idea of vintage life, I just happen to fall short of achieving it most the time. I’m pleased to say that this doesn’t stop me trying each and everyday to have fun and in the process undoubtedly f**k up, normally because its windy and my quirky swing skirt has blown up to reveal my disgustingly holey maternity knickers (last baby is 4yrs old). Or because my latest attempt at victory rolls has left me looking more like Gary Oldman in Dracula rather than screen goddess Rita Hayworth. Remember ladies and gents ‘Practice makes Perfect’.

Here at The Decidedly Vintage Co. you will find an ever growing smorgasbord (great word) of hints, tips, lots of fails and ideas for a vintage life. Including Vintage Photoshoots, clear breakdowns of the most classic vintage eras and if you’re looking for a bit of giggle then why not read the blog where I purge my inner most demons or just moan about inconsequential things that bug me.  So take a gander and join us in a lighthearted look at life.