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The day I met the Sunny Hunny Belles…

As you might have guessed, we’re currently having a little trip away in north Norfolk and this morning whilst on the quest for a hearty breakfast (bit of a running theme for me) we went to Norfolk Lavender, a mecca for all things lavender. Picture the scene, family of 8 spread across two tables with coffee cups, pancake plates, discarded fruit shoot bottles, sticky knifes, dribbly children, one moderately annoyed husband and one mummy trying to maintain an air of vintage capability… in walks one lady looking resplendent in purple with a tinseltastic red fascinator jauntily placed on her head. The overdressed part of me thinks “WOW” she looks great and isn’t afraid to express herself through her clothes (I have similar thoughts when I see breastfeeding mums and I want to congratulate them but feel it could come across as odd). I was just musing over how awesome she was when in walks another lady again dressed in purple sporting a red hat. This continued until there was a total of 9 beautiful ladies sat at a table chatting and laughing, surrounded by cups of coffee and tea with the promise of breakfast on the way. I just knew I had to go up and say something to them as they completely embodied all that I’m passionate about. A truly hygge style of life with a vintage twist. Although these ladies weren’t all strictly vintage they weren’t conforming to the norm. They were celebrating life with like minded friends and having a bloody good time doing it! If there’s one thing I want to take forward into 2017 it’s to be more like the wonderful Sunny Hunny Belles of the Hunstanton Red Hats. TTFN my lovelies

To know more about these fabulous ladies then check out http://www.sunnyhunnybelles.weebly.com

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