The not so glamorous side of vintage

This is me attempting to curl my hair over night! Enough to scare anyone if unexpectedly woken…

If you’re anything like me, you spend hours trawling the internet for ideas and techniques of how to look vintage, from clothing hints to hair tutorials. I look at pictures of the beautiful Miss Victory Violet and Scarlett Luxe and think how effortless it all must be and how perfect they look. Now I know we all have our struggles and they will be no different but for the just starting out vintage enthusiast this is the reality.

This is how I go to sleep when I want to have waves in my hair or if all goes well, full on curls that I pin up. It’s not glamorous or comfortable, I don’t sleep well and the results in the morning are never as good as I’ve seen on YouTube but it gives Mr B a good old laugh and it makes me feel like I’m trying to achieve something.

This page is here to inspire and help you all achieve some sort of vintage persona (to help you all eventually love the skin you’re in, as we are all spectacular) but it’s also to give you a laugh and let you know that we don’t get it right first time and the fun is in the journey.

I will continue to hunt out ways of trying to attain effortless vintage chic look but until then its crazy curler lady all the way. I have a sudden urge to own more cats!?!

TTFN lovelies xx

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