Q&A series

Vintage Q and A: part 1 Scarlett Luxe 

Good morning gorgeous people,
I’m going to jump straight in with this because there’s a hot cup of tea with my name on it and if I spend too much time waffling on it’ll be cold and we all know no one likes a cold cup of builders tea…
As part of my mission to help ladies embrace their bodies and start to feel good about themselves I got in touch with some very established ladies in the vintage world and asked them to answer a few little questions I thought any upcoming vintage lady might want to know.
This will be a bit of a running series so if there’s anyone that you’d like to hear from then let me know and I’ll make contact.
First on the list is the wonderful, splendiferous Scarlett Luxe. She is truly beautiful inside and out and needs to be celebrated. Take a read and find her on instagram @scarlettluxe.
TTFN lovelies xx

** Image taken from Scarlett’s own Instagram page, original photographtaken by the fabulous @saphotography.southwest **

1: What got you into vintage first of all?

I discovered the vintage style when I met the owner of Deadly is the Female, the lovely Claudia. At the time I had lost a huge amount of weight due to illness and had just been diagnosed with Crohns Disease, this was a really low time for me and I didn’t feel like myself. I was taking part as a dancer in a charity fashion show and was lucky enough to wear a gorgeous dress from Deadly is the Female. I stepped into the shop and fell in love! I found a style that suited my body, was completely different to anything I had seen before and it was just so much fun to dress in. From there, I discovered more and more about vintage and it has basically taken over my life for the better. I discovered who I am and what makes me happy about being me.

2:What era speaks to you the most?

The era that speaks to me most is the 1950’s. I absolutely adore wearing swing dresses and having fun in a petticoat. I also love novelty prints! But I also love that you can completely contrast the cute playful look with a sassy wiggle dress or a pair of cigarette pants. There are so many options! I have just started to explore more 1940’s styles and I have fallen in love with tea dress and swing trousers!

3:How do you feel when you dress vintage?

I dress vintage inspired on a daily basis, I don’t necessarily dress in a full vintage style but my outfit is certainly inspired by vintage. It makes me feel happy with my body because it compliments and accentuates my shape. I have a classic hourglass body shape so dressing vintage compliments my shape making me proud of how I look. It also makes me feel a lot more confident, since I began dressing in a vintage style I have received so many wonderful compliments and chatted with some lovely people. Most are strangers just passing in the street but it’s a huge confidence boost that someone would make the effort to come and give you a compliment or ask you about your outfit or hairstyle. It’s heartwarming.

4:What would you say to women wanting to add some vintage into their wardrobe?

To lady’s wanting to add vintage into their wardrobe I’d say start with the basics. Look into items that can be easily added into your wardrobe, so you don’t have to do a massive wardrobe overhaul! Make sure those items will compliment your body shape, we all have different body shapes so find pieces that make you feel happy and confident with how you look not just what everyone else is wearing. Maybe add a pencil skirt or highwaisted trousers. Then you can experiment with different looks and start to add new pieces to your collection.

5:Which vintage item clothing or otherwise could you not live without?

A vintage clothing piece I couldn’t live without would have to be a wiggle dress. They always make me feel so sophisticated and like a Hollywood starlet. A vintage accessory I can’t live without is my headscarves collection. They are a perfect finishing touch to many vintage hairstyle or they can hide a really bad hair day! When it comes to make up of course I couldn’t live without my red lipstick!

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