Classic cars

For the love of cars…

I have a love for old fashioned cars and this beautiful #jaguar #xk150 is absolutely stunning. Now when you’re reading this don’t expect a blow by blow account of her performance or 0-60 times etc etc as I have no idea. For me it’s all about the sleek lines, the wonderful curves, the attention to detail and above all the fact that driving and therefore the cars built were for pleasure rather than just a mode of transport. People used to go out for a drive, not for any particular reason. Not to go to tescos or pick up the kids from school. Just to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the roads and surrounding countryside. So as you can gleam from this it wasn’t a poor mans leisure activity.

I wont go into a full history lesson with you as 1 it’ll bore you and 2 I really am not that bright… what I do know is that in the late 1940’s and all through the 1950’s driving was mainly a past time of the middle classes. Road houses popped up which were destinations in themselves unlike today where we simply drop in to refuel on our way somewhere. In the 1940’s women were allowed entry which meant that couples and families would go out for a drive to one of these road houses, they would receive a simple home cooked meal and be able to chat and have a drink. They would then turn round and go home having had a pleasant afternoon.

The cars reflected this slightly more sedate pace of life. Obviously this beautiful jaguar was not your run of the mill car back then but it still highlights the beauty of the machine and encapsulates the whole ethos of the era which was to enjoy the journey and look good doing it.

This year Mr B and I are hoping (along with some like minded friends) to go to lots of classic and sports car shows so expect lots more photos of these fabulous vintage machines.

TTFN lovelies xx

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