Where it all began.

Hello my dears,

here’s a little introduction to me and how this love of vintage started.

The vintage way of life has only been a recent thing for me and I am by no means an expert but I’ve researched a lot and looked at what makes up each eras key styles and I added my own twist to it because through all of this I’ve learnt that it’s about having fun.

We take life too seriously and growing up I always felt desperate to fit in but always fell short. When my oldest children started school I experienced the über stylish mum. We all know one. They are dressed head to toe in cashmere and suede. Everything is big and drapey but they never look like they have an ounce of fat on them. They are so totally together that they have cakes baked whilst little Jeremy sits and finishes his homework before rushing off to give the dogs a quick run as a full roast cooks in the aga. And to top it all off these women are lovely!!! (Damn them)

I tried hard to be this mum but never quite achieved it because I suppose I’d built her up to be a complete fantasy. It was only when a few years back I stumbled across a fab YouTube vlog by Vintagious that I wanted to learn more about the style the women of the 20’s through 50’s wore. This love of vintage glamour grew and grew until a year ago I took the plunge and decided to go vintage.

I now wear outfits with a vintage twist all the time and I love the way they celebrate a woman’s curvaceous figure. The way you can look sexy without having copious amounts of skin on show. How they embody a different way of life when we took time to look and feel good about ourselves and we complimented others rather than slate and shame them. Women were feminine and that was seen as a good thing.

I enjoy the fact that my clothing makes people smile, brings back memories to an older generation and hopefully inspires the younger generation to feel that they can stand out on their own. It’s good to be different.

Another great thing about vintage style clothing is that it can fit and suit everyone. I defy anyone to not be able to find something they love about the swing skirts or the wiggle dresses. Maybe the hats or the long list of accessories you can use. Or the fact that the shoes are utterly gorgeous.

Now on my journey I have come across many more established and wonderful vintage ladies and I must admit I find them rather intimidating. They know what they’re doing, where to buy from, who to put with what and how to accessorise beautifully but with all this I have to say to myself, ‘everyone starts somewhere’. I want this page to inspire others. To be a place where anyone can come and get ideas if they want to add some vintage to their lives. I want to show people what to buy, where to buy it and how to style it on themselves. I also want to show people the funny side of when it goes wrong and how you can look like Einstein if you curl your hair too much or a non fitted high waisted pair of trousers can make you look 6 months pregnant if you’re not careful. This is life and it should be enjoyed.

I’m here to help and make you laugh so watch this space. And if I’m ever getting too smug then tell me. I’m just your ordinary headless chicken of a mother trying to keep her shit together but in a poofy dress that conspires to show everyone my holey washed out knickers…!

TTFN lovelies xx

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