Handy headscarf tutorial…



Hello my lovelies, how are we all? Now as most of you know I am an avid fan of the headscarf. I’d like to say it’s because I’m a sucker for authentic vintage details (which is obviously true) but it’s mainly because I simply don’t have time to wash, blow dry and style my hair everyday. I’m just too lazy. So if you’re like me you’re going to need to know how to tie a headscarf. I’ve tried lots of different ways (most of them slip of my head within the hour) so I came up with this one. Very simple and hides my hideous hair if needs be, or completes a vintage look. I haven’t found an outfit yet that can be improved with a headscarf.

Here is a simplistic picture tutorial of how I tie mine.

You will need:
1 square piece of material (ideally 72cm or 28″ square)
4 hair grips plus whatever’s need to pin your hair back.

Picture 1: This is the finished article. This is what we’re aiming for!
Picture 2: My hair is short so pinning it back isn’t too tough. If yours is long pin or tie it back to look like a ponytail, then pin all hair to head as flat as you can (don’t worry too much, just make sure it’s secure)
Picture 3: Get your square scarf.
Picture 4: Fold scarf in half diagonally to make a triangle.
Picture 5: Place centre point in centre of head, far enough forward so that the long straight edge of the scarf comes just below the bottom of your hair line at the base of your neck. Pin either side of centre point with two of your hair grips.

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Picture 6: Lift up both other corners, bring up to the top of your head.
Picture 7: Cross them over to tie into a single knot.
Picture 8: Tie them into a single knot!
Picture 9: Cross over again to tie a double knot but before you pull it tight tuck in the little triangle at the front (the centre triangle that we pinned earlier)
Picture 10/11: Now you can either finish here by tucking the ends of the knot down the sides as shown which gives a slightly more vintage turban look or you can carry on to..

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Picture 12: Bring the ends of the knot into a bow and fluff the material of the bow part.
Picture 13: Secure it all by pinning in two hair grips either side of your head to make sure the scarf doesn’t slip or blow away if it’s a particularly blustery day (thank you storm Doris)
Picture 14: Hopefully if I’ve explained everything clearly then you should be back to the start with a lovely secure hair covering headscarf. If not I’ll crawl back under my rock…

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So there we have it. I hope this helps and I hope to see lots of you lovely people wearing more headscarves. They really do bring instant vintage to your wardrobe. Let me know how you get on and I’d love to see your photos on our Facebook and instagram pages. Don’t forget to tag The Decidedly Vintage Company in all your photos.

TTFN lovelies xx


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