Outfit of the day

Land girl army, here I come

That moment when your lovely and über stylish friend lends you a pair of amazing workwear dungarees and the next thing you know headscarf is on, mobiles out and you’re prancing around your bedroom like Christmas has come again. These wonderful dungarees/overalls come from the Carrier Company in Norfolk. If you head to their website you’ll notice that the models face is rather familiar. Its non other than Sienna Guillory from such films as Resident Evil and Love Actually as well as tv series Fortitude and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

I digress, The Carrier Company was started up by Sienna’s fabulous mother Tina in 1995 and although is not a vintage reproduction clothing company, they do make these dungarees in 3 colours which I feel would be an asset to any vintage wardrobe. Just team it up with a cable knit jumper in a darker colour and a head scarf and you’ll look like an extra from ITV’s Home Fires. And let me just say that if there isn’t a pair of these under the tree next Christmas I will be putting on a rather authentic performance of ‘6yr old loses her shit’. I even feel a special land girl photoshoot coming on. Who can I coerce into this one…

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