Delusions of Marilyn

This is one of those moments when I thought I looked like the dogs b*****ks, turns out blonde hair is just not my bag…

Now I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to channel a little bit of the awesomeness that Marilyn Monroe exuded throughout her life despite it being a truly troubled one.

As Norma Jean Grey she had a natural beauty that drew you in and later after her transformation into Marilyn her show stopping vulnerability meant that men wanted to have her and women wanted to be her. With the likes of Marilyn and Jane Mansfield so in vogue it was almost a crime not to dye your locks blonde in the 1950’s. There was a huge rise in blonde bombshells and with eyeliner flicks and red lips you were dressed to kill.

Well…. who am I to turn down the opportunity to try out an age old trend??? As you’ll come to learn I do A LOT to my hair and everyday I wake up thanking whoevers up there for it still being attached to my head. Last years idea was to go full bleach blonde because if it suited Marilyn it was bound to suit me… well as the title suggested I was deluded. I ended up with straw like locks (despite my wonderful hair dressers best efforts) with that amazing ability to stretch like toffee when I brushed it. Also it turned my ‘English rose’ complexion into ‘sickly anemic’. People kept asking if I was alright as I seemed a bit pale which I think was code for ‘OMG, change your hair’. Maybe I’m reading too much into this and people really didn’t give a s**t.

Anyhoo (yes I’m someone who says that) I gave it a try and it epically failed as every morning I had to apply copious amounts of make up to stop me looking like I was at deaths door. I should have realised by the amount of time and effort that it took to go blonde that it wasn’t for me as I’m as lazy as the come.

Within a matter of weeks I was back to brunette and as happy as Larry at the difference it made to my whole complexion and my weird colour changing eyes (you’ll look at the other photos now trying to spot it)  I also loved people coming up to me to say how much better it looked dark (why the f**k hadn’t they said anything sooner) and I agreed with them.

I think it’s well worth experimenting with your hair colour as it can have a real impact on your look but have around some trusted companions to make sure they tell you when you’ve ballsed up. Alternatively if you’ve gone for a out of this world shade and you love it then not only are you a braver woman than me but you totally rock! Hats off to your awesomeness! I’m off to laugh at my blondeness whilst I secretly panic about any over the top hair clumps failing out… you can stick them back on right!

TTFN lovelies…

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