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I know that this technically is way out of the eras I cover but who in their right mind didn’t get swept away by the 1996 BBC drama Pride & Prejudice? The costumes, the settings, the smouldering looks and of course that wet t shirt scene! Oh my days…

I was 10 years old when it first appeared on our screens and I have been a huge Austen fan ever since. I love a strong female character and Elizabeth Bennet is one of the best. Obviously in my dreams I am her (more of a Jennifer Ehle than a Keira Knightly) and I have on occasion been known to walk whilst being engrossed in an intellectual tome (truth be told it’s a Jilly Cooper but I won’t tell if you won’t) but ended up falling arse over tit and bursting my P&P bubble.

As I’ve got older I’ve tended to relate more to Mrs Bennet and her unwavering need to do what she feels is best for her daughters. Unfortunately five thousand a year just won’t cut it in this day and age and us woman have to be independent blah di blah…

Any way the whole reason of why I’m blabbering on is that the other weekend I was lucky enough to make it ‘up north’ to visit Lyme Park the setting of the famous Pemberly in the BBC drama. It did not disappoint on any level. I got to stand at the spot where the house is reflected in the lake (and the first sight Lizzy has of the house) walk up the steps where Darcy and Lizzy chatted about his sister Georgiana and gaze upon the courtyard where Darcy ran down the steps after embarrassingly bumping into Lizzy wet shirt and all!

All this was wonderful and although I was perhaps not dressed 100% suitably, it’s bloody cold up there in March, I hope I spread a little of the vintage joy up there. I certainly gathered a lot of attention and by the end of the visit felt like a flasher as women kept asking me to open my coat. I was happy to spread the DVC word up there and I hope to return soon complete with business cards and flyers so everyone will know how to get in touch and gain simple how to knowledge on vintages bits and bobs.

Here are some of the photos we took, I recommend that you should all visit as it was a magnificent place and one that I would happily live in (just putting that out there in case someone is reading this) It’s National Trust so it’s great to know that it’ll be looked after.  It it’s one of those times where you can safely say ‘they don’t make them like they used to’.

TTFN lovelies xx


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