It’s all in the eyes… oh no sorry, hands!

I am what’s affectionately known as a ‘horsey girl’. Now I’ve taken it as a lover of horses rather than me bearing a striking resemblance to my equine counterparts, but who knows.

The ramifications of loving and caring for these large beasts (and actually being outdoorsy in any way) is that you generally have hag hands with little or no length to you nails. Having said that, you wouldn’t really want length to these nails as they permanently exist in a sort of warped, browny green colour no matter what you do. Now the nails aren’t really the worst issue. My hands resemble those of a hard working 90yr old. They’re cracked, rough, wrinkly and could take the varnish off the kitchen table if I scrubbed it hard enough. I randomly have photos like the one above littered through my photo stream where I’ve decided that enough is enough and I’d like for once to have hands to be proud of and head off to the closest nail bar to have acrylics stuck on. But inevitably they don’t last because I scratch the children (accidentally of course) poke myself in the eye or truth be told, struggle to wipe my bum!! The best bit is when they ping off when you’re least expecting it and land awkwardly next to someone eating in your local restaurant. That’s ok though as it only happened the  once and it wasn’t as if I stood out or anything… not embarrassing in the slightest.

So this year (yes I know it’s March already) I’ve decided to make more of a thing of hand care. I have a hand exfoliant and special hand cream in every bag I own. There will be no excuse not to have silky smooth hands. The nails on the other-hand (excuse the unexpected pun) will just have to remain short and neat as I cannot ride with the stupid extensions digging in my palm (I tell myself that this is reason why my riding so bad but I don’t know how long I can kid myself)

I am fed up of looking at all the gorgeous women on Instagram who not only have beautiful hands and long nails but have even ventured into colour variations and heart shaped patterns at the bottom of the nail etc etc. I’m learning that hands and nails are rather important especially in the posing (blog post coming about that soon) . These women delicately place their hands either side of their blemish free faces and it all fits. I try and well, you can imagine. So first things first, I shall go from hag hands to glad rag hands! Wish me luck and if anyone has any tried and tested methods or creams and unctions then please please please spare your wisdom with a lowly old horse faced woman.

TTFN lovelies xx


Here are two of the causes of my hag hands. Little Louie and lucious Lily xx

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