Tea room teasers

Tiffin’s Tea Emporium, Long Melford.

Now I know its hard a job drinking tea and eating cake but I am willing to take on the challenge for you. I’m selfless like that…

In the ‘Tea Room Teasers’ I’m on a mission to try out local tea rooms/coffee houses and let you know my thoughts on the establishments. I intend to be fair, if I love it I’ll tell you, if its ‘meh’ you’ll find that out too. (although its rather hard to go wrong with tea and cake) Hopefully you’ll find my recommendations useful and if you have any places you’d like me to try out or you’d like to join me on one of these jaunts then drop us a line.

First on the list was the highly recommended Tiffins Tea Emporium in Long Melford. Now I have spent many a minute drooling over their facebook page purely down to the fact that they not only make delicious cakes, scones and sandwiches but something known as a chocolate scotch egg! Yes thats right a CHOCOLATE SCOTCH EGG!

Well when a lovely friend invited me to afternoon tea at Tiffin’s who was I to say no (even though my waist band is constantly screaming ‘HELL NO’) I must admit the frontage of the shop is rather unassuming so could be missed and it is rather small inside. Beware large swing skirts, the term ‘bull in a china shop comes to mind’ and you will spend quite a bit of time apologising with a slight bow because you’ve taken someones table cloth with you, or your skirt has inadvertently got in between a woman and her cup (awkward moment).

Anyway after I had made it to a lovely little table tucked in the corner , surrounded by bunting, quirky little signs and all the nic nacs I’d love to have in my home but that repel my husband, I was handed a menu on a clip board which had lots of thing to choose from. We went for the Tiffin’s Afternoon Tea option and let me say that a stretchy waistband is a must.

Our tea stand came up overflowing with goodies. Chicken and bacon sandwiches to start, lots of filling and not a sandwich filler in sight. This was followed by a truly amazing slice of red velvet cake and a fruit scone filled with cream and jam. By this point I was starting to falter but still had two rather amazing pots of milk and white chocolate mousse. I of course ate them all and thoroughly enjoyed it. They do not scrimp with portions and you will leave feeling full and happy. I must admit unless you make a point of going to the front part of the shop before you sit down you wont know the full range of what they have on offer so I felt i missed out on some treats to take home but I will definitely be going back as not only was it warm and welcoming but a perfect little vintage destination. I would highly advise booking before you go as it was fully booked when we went.

TTFN lovelies xx


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