In the pursuit of love…(of myself)

Tomorrow I turn 32. So far I’ve amassed a collection of 4 children (10 years and under),3 horses, 3 alpacas, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 8 chickens and a long suffering husband. Sometimes it makes me think that I have quite a few heartbeats relying on little old me so maybe I should do everything I can to be around for the longest time possible. 

I recently read a great article on Facebook (shock horror, something good on Facebook) about how we talk to our children about weight, looks, size, dress etc etc. To very badly summarise, we shouldn’t comment on people’s body shapes good or bad as this draws attention to it. We shouldn’t say people are fat or thin. As mothers we should never let our children know if we are trying out the latest fad diet, we should never put ourselves down in front of children. We should never pick holes in our bodies, we should never say our tummies are flabby or we have bingo wing arms or you hate the cellulite on your legs. Instead we should be highlighting how HEALTHY and STRONG people are. How well our bodies work and what amazing things we can do with them. With this in mind I decided that this is the year I am going to put aside all the crash diets and failed exercise plans and instead be sensible and move more. I’m going to go old school with my food and try hard to shop local and make what I can at home. Bring on the WI… jam jars at the ready!

I’ve been so lucky to find a style of clothing that celebrates curves and natural figures and I want to make the most of it. I want to have a strong body that can run and catch my tearaway children, that can ride my beautiful gracious horses and walk my slightly stinky but oh so wonderful dogs. I want to be healthy so I can live a long and happy life with my husband, unless he irritates me too much in which case Mr Elba (or Mr Hardy) I’m all yours… I want to celebrate fresh, fabulous tasting food that’s prepared well and if I indulge in some chocolate I don’t want to feel guilty about it.

Does anyone else feel the same as me? Am I the only 32 year old that wants to live a life of blackberry picking, jam making and dog walking? Are there any other mothers out there who are floored by the thought of our children possibly growing up with eating disorders because of the way we address our own body issues? I remember a wonderful snippet of something I read years ago which said the voice in our children’s heads is ours. If you think about it, that puts so much pressure on us and it’s not something I’m going to fail at. It’s time to practise what we preach and I’m all for my children expressing themselves and loving themselves but that begins with me! I already dress for myself in wonderful trousers, skirts and dresses and now I’m going to eat and move to nourish my body! Come on 32 let’s make it a healthy age!!


One thought on “In the pursuit of love…(of myself)

  1. Well said cate im 54 ..gulp.. in a few days I muck out and work the horses walk the dogs housework well sometimes ,ride my bike and generally just keep moving, so today I happily scoffed my way through a doughnut and iced bun oh and dinner this eve. Hey ho size 8 I’m not but I can give the youngsters the run around.Keep being inspiring hun xx

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