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OOTD and why it led to my photo being taken in Argos…

On my quest to add more variety to my costume like clothing and add a little bit more of an authentic vintage look to my wardrobe I put together an outfit which not only looked great and was fairly respective of 1940’s fashion I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone when I stepped out of the front door. 

What is a comfort zone anyway and why is everyone so keen to live outside it? I keep seeing these supposedly motivational slogans around saying ‘life begins at the edge of your comfort zone’ I like my comfort zone, it’s safe, it’s predictable, it’s comfortable!! Anyway there’s something about donning a hat and a faux fur collar to take an outfit up a notch and in this case make me feel a little bit like Kate Winslet with her huge hat in Titanic.

I was meeting the ladies for breakfast at an amazing place that serves huge portions (I’ll tell you about it later) and I thought it would be the perfect time to wear a hat. In the 30’s and 40’s women wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving the house without some sort of head gear. Sadly this is something that has been lost over time. I love a hat, generally if you see me wearing trousers and a hat it’s probably because I simply couldn’t be arsed to shave my legs and wash my hair, I’m not going to lie. Obviously this wasn’t the reason for hats back then but I’m going to use it to my advantage now.

So picture the scene, I’m walking through town wearing my maroon moustache irregular choice shoes, Collectif clothing long line check pencil skirt, Lindy Bop maroon snake jumper, Lindy Bop brown faux fur collar, little mustard yellow half gloves, mustard yellow scarf and my kangol navy blue dish hat that I picked up in a charity shop. Nothing to garish colour wise and probably my most true to 40’s outfit.

But imagine my surprise when as soon as I’m out of my car a lovely lady stops me to say how ‘smart I looked’. I then walk to the deli noticing people turning to look at me and nudging friends who then also turn to look. Unfortunately I know that some fellow vintage ladies have received negative comments about how they look and what they wear. I have only experienced this on a very small scale and it is upsetting as in reality you’re not hurting anyone by choosing your own fashion path but some individuals take it upon themselves to tell you their negative opinions or even laugh at you.

As you can imagine I sometimes leave the house with some trepidation because I do not do confrontation well, in short I burst into tears. But things will not get easier if I do not try! And I adore people coming up and telling me that they love my outfit or style and if I encourage another woman to take the plunge then I’m one happy bunny.

Anyway I digress. We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast with a few people in the deli turning to look (probably had food on my face) and then I went off to run some errands. Whilst in Argos #uberglamorous a very polite lady came up and apologised profusely for bothering me. She said she was visiting from afar and her and her friends had noticed me in my get up and she had to follow me into the shop to ask if she could take a photo of me… WHAT! A photo of little old boring me?? Well of course I obliged and we had a quick chat about how inspiring it can be helping women celebrate their bodies with these clothes and how refreshing it is to see someone dressed like myself. It tickled me to think that this lady now had a photo of me on her photo stream looking like I’ve just stepped off a steam train.

I left town feeling pleased that I had cheered someone’s day up and held my head high with a giant smile on my face at the people swivelling in their seats, or turning to watch me walk down the street choosing to believe that they liked my outfit not that they could possibly find it beyond hilarious that someone would willing want to look like Miss Marple.

I’m all for not taking life too seriously but not to the detriment of others feelings so if you see me around town and feel like stopping me for a chat I would love to hear your positive thoughts and I’ll probably hand you a business card and encourage you to come in for a photoshoot. Word of warning though, I can chat for Britain!

TTFN lovelies xx

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