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Tickety Boo is just that!

There is a higher power obviously telling me to eat cake! I mean what else can it be when a lovely little garden cafe opens up just around the corner from my house? 

Today was the launch of Tickety Boo. A good old fashioned cafe run by 4 amazing ladies. Genaya, Caroline, Tina and Jane. A friend and I just had to go along to sample their wares and we were not disappointed. Not only is it my idea of heaven with little vases of handpicked flowers on the tables inside and out, bunting hanging from the ceiling and mismatched wallpaper on counter fronts and doors but they have the most delicious cakes and flapjacks on offer as well as a good breakfast menu and lunch time treats.

We sat outside in the glorious sunshine sipping tea and eating cake. Bertie the Labrador lay at our feet waiting for any crumbs to fall and we could see the myriad of chickens owned by Harvey’s Garden Centre clucking and calling whilst being swamped in luscious grass beneath the apple trees. It truly was idyllic.

The carrot cake I had was moist and full of nuts with a good covering of frosting. My friend had a chocolate and beetroot brownie that was delicious and possibly one of your five a day…? To top it off we ordered a good sized piece of chocolate flapjack and that filled our bellies and we left feeling full, happy and ever so slightly calmer.

If you’re looking for a place to relax in quintessential country loveliness, a place where time almost stands still or you’re just looking for some delicious food then I urge you to visit the ladies at Tickety Boo Garden Cafe. You’ll be planning you’re return before you’ve even left, and you’ll probably see little old me there stuffing my face!

For more details on Tickety Boo Garden Cafe check out their Facebook page @TicketyBooGardenCafe. Or if you’re local then pop along to Harvey’s Garden Plants, Great Green, Thurston, IP31 3SJ. Open Wednesday through to Friday 9.30am-4.30pm & Saturdays 10am-4.30pm 

One thought on “Tickety Boo is just that!

  1. Wow just leaving this cafe. It was really as beautiful as it appears from the photo. The food, the ambience, the friendly staff, and Bertie the dog, and the chickens. My 22 month old son Fin had a fab time and there was even a box of toys for children to play with. Very well thought out and executed. We also befriended some lovely Ladies there who allowed us to share their table as the cafe was full of happy customers x

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