Introducing the first vintage female bantha…aka me!

Hello and I’m sorry for the huge absence. For all you people that had invested time in reading my blog so far and taking those few first shakey steps on the path to Vintage, I sincerely apologise for leaving you high and dry. My only excuse is that I’m currently growing yet another human and as any mother knows that s**t is hard. I’ve puked, pee’d, given copious amounts of blood and grown to resemble one of the weird creatures (female bantha, see title image) Luke Skywalker milks on his island in the new Star Wars movie. All have which had made me take my eye off the proverbial vintage ball. Unfortunately I cannot promise that I’ll be back to full speed any time soon as I’m no good at juggling but I sincerely hope that you will accompany me wherever this potholed existence takes me.

One momentous thing I’ve noticed whilst being pregnant and endeavouring to keep up with my love of all things Vintage is that there really isn’t an accessible vintage style maternity range available. Don’t get me wrong, the swing dresses and skirts are a feasible option for some but unfortunately for myself (who is currently cooking baby number 5) to wear anything that could encompass my girth would render it mahousive everywhere else. I wholly adore my womanly form, as should every woman, but in this cold weather I’d rather not have it all on show through gaping arm and neck holes like a disappointing mobile peep show (this is compounded by the fact that my skin has taken on a ghostly translucent blue hue which is a little odd to say the least). So for the time being I’m reverting back to my country chic look. Lots of tweed, dungarees and cable knit jumpers, all of which I can work into my ever evolving vintage wardrobe.

Moving on to something other than my enlarging stomach. The other day I had an epiphany! I’ve always longed to create something with my very own hands (I used to create wedding cakes but found that at that time my diet mainly consisted of baked goods and that’s never wonderful addition to ones health) I’ve never been an academic favouring the more arts and crafty way of things. To be totally honest I’ve always wanted to adopt that artistic look… smocks, floppy hats and enough jewellery to weigh down an elephant. As my friends will say I’m always the gal that has all the gear, no idea (I take it as cheeky off the cuff comment…) but recently the lure of bespoke head wear has caught my eye so the good ole brain cogs are churning and to stop me turning to mush after this baby has arrived I hope to develop my own Decidedly Vintage fascinator range to work along side all the other lovely things we offer at The DVC. Keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway I have bored you for long enough, I just wanted to touch base and say that I haven’t forgotten about you and I’m still here. I hope you will all be patient with me and I look forward to chewing the cud with you some more over the next few months.

Please don’t forget that all The DVC photoshoots are still available and we now offer Gift Vouchers for all products and services on our website. Click here for more info.

TTFN my lovelies xxx

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