Tea room teasers

Harriets’ Heaven

We’re lucky enough to have a branch of Harriets’ tea rooms here in Bury St Edmunds. This place harks back to the essence of tea rooms past. A more sedate pace for enjoying the delicacies of breakfast, lunch and high tea. The waiters wear a lovely old fashioned monochrome uniform and tea is served in a pot with a beautiful cup and saucer. Sandwiches can be crust less and tea time treats are glorious in their taste. I personally adore Harriets’ because not only is the food amazing but the attention to detail is second to none. Highlighted by the fact that on selected days they have a live pianist to delight you with music and the quirky ‘ration book’ style gift vouchers are a delight. The range of refreshment available it vast and if you like a touch of decadence with your afternoon tea, champagne is a must. As you enter the building you will be transported back in time by the vast ceilings, chandeliers, dark wooden tables and chairs and the vintage shop display cases filled with glorious cakes and other baked goods. They offer takeaway options and if you find you have developed a taste for a particular tea or treat you can purchase these at the Goliath like till towards the front of the tea room. All in all a wonderful vintage experience. One I whole heartedly urge you to partake in.

Branches of Harriets’ Tea Rooms can be found in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and Norwich . Click this link for more info www.harrietscafetearooms.co.uk

Featured image taken from Harriets’ own website.

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