All hail the non gym bunny…

Four weeks ago the DVC family welcomed baby number 5 into the fold and I can now say that my postpartum metamorphosis is complete, and no your eyes do not deceive you! I am one of those mums who proudly wears gym gear whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating Marks and Spencer brownies, with no intention of stepping foot inside a gym for at least another 4 months! I feel AWESOME and I smile with my hypocrisy every time I walk past a mirror so why the hell not. My Sweaty Betty leggings are amazing at supporting my c section scarred jelly belly and my fabulous Goodtees by Selfish Mother @thefmlystore ‘Mother’ T shirt allows me to wear my job title with pride!!

The DVC’s ethos is all about dressing to make yourself happy, whatever that style maybe so go forth and cheer yourself up.

TTFN lovelies xx

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