Petticoats, Pastries & Parenting.

The post baby fog is finally lifting and I’m pleased to say that after my 15th coffee of the morning (I find my preferred choice of gin has its draw backs) I made it into the new swanky ‘DVC Studio’ where I took lots of photos of the current stock for the fabulous new ‘DVC Boutique’ online shop opening very soon.

Picture the scene, me up to my eyeballs in petticoats, coffee in one hand, huge digital camera in the other (all I can do is point and click) an abnormal amount of pain au chocolat shoved in my mouth, phone clamped between ear and shoulder mumbling away to the best friend whilst the baby is bounced precariously in her chair, her face unsure whether to laugh or cry. I was multitasking my arse off!

Anyway I digress. In the DVC Boutique you will able to purchase a variety of gorgeous new vintage style clothing and accessories that I have in the studio, with brands such as Lady V London, Collectif and Hell Bunny. As well as that you will find a wide range of true vintage items that I have personally sourced for you. These will be things that have caught my eye such as items of clothing, the odd hat, fascinator, gloves or hair accessories. Essentially all you will need for your perfect vintage outfit.

Now because I am sourcing them all personally they will all be one of a kind within the DVC Boutique. Some items will have been used for display purposes or photo shoots and will be priced accordingly. Some things will have been customised by the team if we feel that it hasn’t reached its full potential yet and others will be beautiful vintage pieces picked up on our journeys. Hopefully in time there will be some beautifully bespoke handmade items, all ideas of which are floating around in my head as we speak (space that should be used for important things like remembering to feed the baby or put the bins out!!)

So that’s the latest here at The Decidedly Vintage Co. I am still firmly in my misshapen maternity get up with the occasional smattering of sports gear (managed to attend my first HIIT training session…nearly died). My sleep patterns are erratic to say the least. I survive on caffeine and sugar and I can tell you in minute detail the consistency of the baby’s last soiled nappy but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Life is good. Till next time.

TTFN lovelies xx

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